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Innovative Financial Solutions: Global Platform and Green Sukuk

The panelist were Mr. Tarik Malaika, Program Lead - Sukuk and Capital Markets of the ICD, Mr. Karim Chouchane Sr. Executive Advisor to Trustbank Amanah and Mr. Dave Abeleven Director of the Ministry of Natural Resources and moderator Mr. Mounir Jouanedy from the ICD.

In this panel, the issue of What Sukuk is, further explanation of Green Sukuk, what has changed in Suriname since the adoption of the law on renewable energy in 2016, which projects can be funded by Green Sukuk in Suriname and the role of Trustbank Amanah regarding Green Sukuk.

In addition, Fintech and the contribution of the financing solutions platform, the role of the ICD regarding Green Sukuk and the challenges that Suriname is facing regarding the government's efforts to make Suriname green have also been discussed.

Source: Trustbank Amanah

Date: 18-11-2019