The Hajj Savings Plan is a unique savings plan, where you can save carefree for the Hajj. You do not have to worry about riba (interest), because saving at Trustbank Amanah is done according to the Shariah principles. With the Hajj Savings Plan we motivate and offers you financial support to realize your dream and fulfill your obligation.

From the generated profits you receive a gift (hiba) in the form of a profit on your savings and partly transferred to the Waqf Fund.

Waqf Fund

The Waqf Fund is a fund that will be used for applications from persons, through a letter of request and statement from the Hajj Tour organization, who have the intention to perform the Hajj and have already saved, but the amount for the Hajj Tour has not yet been reached. The request will be  screened by the bank. If the request is approved, the requested amount will be honored.

This person(s) will be helped from the Waqf Fund to perform the Hajj by paying him/her the shortfall amount. In this way, the saver contributes to the social character of Islamic Banking.

You can save in SRD/EUR/USD and choose from the following terms:

  • 3 years
  • 5 years
  • 7 years


  • Source of income*
  • Birth Certificate (not older than six (6) months)
  • Identity Card / Passport / Driver's License
  • Deposit SRD / EUR / USD.

Contact the bank for an appointment or visit us.

*Source of income: Employer statement stating the salary (if the salary is not stated, a paysslip applies not older than 1 month), income statement, AOV and/or Pension statement.