Vehicle financing based on lease agreement

Trustbank Amanah offers customized financing for the purchase of vehicle. Both individuals and companies can find suitable financing plans and very flexible payment options. Whether it's one vehicle for private use or a number of vehicles for business purposes, we offer you the solution that fits your budget. 
Trustbank Amanah has financing plans for all vehicle types, such as cars of various brands, buses and heavy equipment (excavators and trucks).



  • Visit Trustbank Amanah and ask for the terms for vehicle financing.
  • Then you will go to a vehicle dealer and choose the vehicle you wish to buy.
  • You need all information form the vehicle dealer about your desired purchase, such as the price and specifications of the vehicle to be purchased.
  • Hereafter you submit the package to Trustbank Amanah, which provides for further processing. From application, to approval contract with the dealer until the last step of purchase of the vehicle, Trustbank Amanah will arrange it for you.
  • The bank purchase the vehicle.
  • You pay a monthly repayment in accordance with pre-arranged arrangements between you and the bank.
  • At the end of the repayment period, the vehicle will be fully transferred on behalf of you or your company.
  • Depending on the amount to be financed and based on your private or business income, the deposit will be determined. The bank employee will make an appropriate proposal for that.
  • The term of the redemption periods between you and Trust Bank Amanah depends, inter alia, on the type of vehicle you purchase and can last up to 60 months.



  • Valid ID
  • CBB extract (not older than 6 months)
  • Employer's statement + recent pay slip
  • Last 3 bank statements
  • Quotation of the vehicle
  • Recent SWM / EBS receipt



  • KKF / Articles / Procuration regulation
  • Permit
  • Financial statements


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