Trustbank is a private bank founded on August 30, 1989 by Mr. Jules A. Tjin Wong Joe and started its banking operations on October 31, 1989.

Trustbank started as a relatively small bank and has achieved significant growth in recent years. The bank is a dynamic institution with expertise in the areas of savings, loans, investments and asset management.

 Trustbank operates as a savings and loan bank with a license from the Central Bankof Suriname , known as a secondary bank and is limited to offering current accounts.

 Trustbank has opted at a strategic level for a new business model to enrich the banking landscape in Suriname, the Caribbean and Latin America. This offers THE OTHER WAY OF BANKING, Islamic banking. This can serve as an incentive for economic development and diversification. Obviously improving the service and expanding the product range.


The Trustbank started the conversion process in 2015. On December 4, 2015 the signing ceremony took place in Suriname between the CEO of the Trustbank, Maureen Badjoeri and CEO of the ICD Mr.Khaled Al Aboodi.

Mid-2016, the Central Bank of Suriname and Trustbank signed an MOU (Memorandum of Understanding), approving the conversion of Trustbank to 'Islamic Banking'. Part of the transformation is a change of name from Trustbank to Trustbank Amanah. The MOU contains the technical conditions for acquiring the license from the Central Bank of Suriname.

Trustbank Amanah will not only carry out Islamic Banking in Suriname, but also aims to become the financial hub in the Caribbean and Latin America.