The possession of a property in Suriname is for many a deeply cherished wish. We help you realize your dream.

Trustbank Amanah attaches great importance to stability. The possession of real estate in the form of a property offers you many possibilities for independently designing your future plans.

Inquire about the conditions for property financing. Then you submit the information about the property to the bank. The bank enters into negotiations with the owner and buys the property for you. You enter into an agreement with the bank that includes the number of installments you will redeem. You pay the same amount until the end of the payment period. After the end of the repayment, the property will be transferred to you by the bank. 

REQUIRED documents:

  • Valid ID
  • Birth certificate from CBB (not older than 6 months)
  • Nationality declaration
  • Statement by the employer + recent payslip
  • Last 3 bank statements
  • Property map / mortgage extract of the property being purchased
  • Valuation report

Required Documents for COMPANies (SME / CORPORATE):

  • KKF / Articles / Procuration regulation
  • Permit
  • Financial statements

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